Monday, August 6, 2012

Owl Gift Bag

Hello Stampin' Friends!

Well today I'm sharing a project I made for the Late Night Stampers (LNS) Gift Exchange.  Let me tell you that we had sooooooooo much fun with this gift exchange!!

So, we were to make a project from current Stampin' Up supplies and then put it in a gift bag that had an owl on the front.  The owl is our group mascot.  Our gift was suppose to be no more than $10.

Let me say that the day that we did the gift exchange had been a long one.  We had been at Stamp Camp from 8am-1pm, then we had lunch from 1pm-2pm, then we did a 3D Shoebox Swap from 2pm to 4pm, we had a break for dinner from 4pm-7pm which some of us didn't get the whole time because we ran late with our shoebox swap due to the difficulty of our projects, plus we are starting to wear a little thin (tired).  So then we met back to do a WOW demonstration that was from 7pm-9pm.  Then once everything finished up with that all of us that were participating in the Gift Exchange had to place their bag on a table and grab a chair and have a seat in a circle.  I think if I remember right we ended up with 15 players.

So, here is what transpired next........remember we have all been working very hard ALL DAY, and it is now about 9:30pm or 9:45pm.

Ok, so Sherrill (our fearless leader) makes these numbers and puts them in a container for us each to draw a number for our place in line for picking our gift.  Everyone takes a number, and some are more excited about their numbers then others, and the reason being that is this.............we start with 1 and the person with #1 gets to go pick a gift bag first.  They open it and share what they received.  Most try and down play what it is, because.............this is a "steal your gift type of exchange"!!!  Meaning that the person with #2 can either get a new gift bag or go and take the gift bag from #1 person.  But see there are limits on how many times you can "steal" a gift.  A gift can only be taken 3 times and then it's "frozen" and cannot be stolen anymore.  And the reason why some got so excited over their numbers is because the person with #1 gets to choose first and goes again last.  The other great number is to be #15, because you get to go last and choose from most everything as long as it's not frozen.  And everyone gets a chance to "steal" or get a gift off of the table.

So you can only imagine how silly this game became because we were all so tired from the days events and now we are "stealing" from each other, or trying to keep others from stealing from us.  It was so crazy, but sooooooo much fun!!!  A couple of times we were laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes.  We will never forget the fun time we had that night!! (even if someone did steal from another person several times in a row......sorry!)   :o)

Anyway, here is the Gift Bag I made for this fun game!
I will post the gift that was inside in my next post with all the details!!

If you didn't get to join the LNS group this year at convention, you got to check it out next year!!  We have a great time making projects, winning prizes, and doing fun things like stealing gift bags....LOL!  Really, we have an awesome time and we would love to have you join us next year at Stampin' Up's 25th Anniversary Convention 2013!  Check out our group by visiting this LINK.

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